Tech Toxin

Anxiety is unsettling at best and deadly at worst. I have known its struggles over the years and can attest to a few things that have the power to exasperate its poisonous nature.

Cell phones have their place and use as does all technology. To a degree this is a wonderful gift of convenience. However, with its gift comes and efficiency to administer poison to the souls and spirits of the world. Online bullying and the ease of developing unhealthy obsessions are just a couple of the seeping wounds of convenience. This poem is to remind us all to remove ourselves from the shackles of technology so as not to lose ourselves to its embrace.

Tech Toxin

Shattered screen glowing back at me.

Elegant handheld, precious thing.

Cruel are the etchings in your glow,

Always changing what they show.

Sometimes you’re kind, I cannot lie.

Sometimes your harshness makes me cry.

Loneliness often gets amplified

When in your glow I try to hide.

The weight of you in my hand,

Drawing me into your every command.

The weight of you ball and chain,

Arching my spine and bringing me pain.

As I bow to you all day,

My peace of mind is ripped away.

Today I overthrow the king,

And take my soul from this thing.

You are absolutely inanimate

And now that my soul knows it,

I’m taking back my peace of mind

And regaining the me I left behind.

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