Solitude can be a rejuvenating energy for some, possibly for most. However it can be destructive in excess. It is true that we can benefit from learning to love ourselves in singularity, but it remains a challenge nevertheless.

We at some point hit a wall within ourselves where we feel alone and desperate for connection. It can often feel as though the quest for connection is hollow and never-ending, yet continue on we must. It is imperative for our spirit to make strong connections and be with those we find dear. Hopelessness is a disease which boasts illusion and delusions as its primary symptoms of infection. You are loved despite what hopelessness would have you believe.


Smiling faces and joyous laughter

Are heavy weights on my chest.

Kindness is the illusion all are after

And the struggle for peace means no rest.

Precious recovery or pacified pain,

Humanity knows no difference.

Compassion is the lie I believed again,

Hoping the past was poor reference.

I lie awake in tearful contemplation

Wondering how this world will end,

And if I can end my fear of humiliation

To hopefully gain one true friend.

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