Kintsugi: Perfectly Imperfect

Often we seem to find ourselves striving for perfection and yet never reaching our perception of it. Perhaps we forget that our own beauty is in the things that are inherently us, broken and fixed, not perfect. The things that others will often say they love about us also tend to be our deepest insecurities and shortcomings. Loving ourselves as unhindered as others love us is often a grand challenge we tend to avoid facing.

Those I love, something you must know and believe to be true, is the imperfect way I adore you. I see you as kintsugi, repaired with gold. There is so much beauty in your perceived flaws. Understand I see these as unique features that make up who you are. I could not possibly imagine a world where you were absolute perfection as it is conceived. There is no mystery or pull or character to that illusion. There is only emptiness in the uniformity of the imagined perfection. Please try to see as I do and maybe you will find you can love perfectly imperfect people too.

Kintsugi: Perfectly Imperfect

Perfection isn’t beauty to me

As it leaves no room for mystery,

Unlike the uncoordinated way you dance,

Or the reckless way you leave things to chance.

Yet you seem to want to be perfect,

And this aim leaves you emotionally wrecked.

If only you knew how you seemed to me.

All the perfection of an art, Kintsugi.

Every flaw you feel closes doors,

I see as features distinctly yours.

I see all your well made goals,

And every crack filled with gold.

I love you whole, as you are.

Even though I love from afar.

However, one thing you must know is true,

If you were perfect I would not adore you as I do.

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