Giving Heart

Bountiful baskets,

Overflowing with finely cut paper hearts.

Each one intended to pin upon the lapel of a love.

Every little tag of love cut from my paper pulse.

I beg to share with you the beat of my heart’s drum,

So that we may dance together in its booming tone.

I water your gardens with my tears.

Yet, my smile is all you hear.

I’m okay.

I’m fine.

At least I will be in due time.

I give from my bottomless well

All the light and warmth that a fire will.

Then I return to light my own flame

Because nobody cares if any tinder remains.

How can my flame feel so cold

Yet seem to warm so many?

I feel chills in my chambers

And this vessel echoes empty.

I yell into the caverns for company,

Yet, not even my own voice resounds back at me.



I am cold and alone…

Please love me.

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