Carte Blanch of Ebullience

You hold space for my silly traits of excitement

And you let me glow without shame.

You do not flip the switch of my light with “calm down”

Or cast shadows that say “are you really doing this now.”

You let me radiate with joy

And see me blush at my own passion.

I am fragile I will admit,

And typically ashamed of the elation I emit.

Especially when I am proud or passionately excited with my own success.

But you hold me in safety with your supportive air

And you are a constant that I always know is there.

You remind me that my joy is beautiful,

To have no shame in my excitement.

Because of you I see myself with free love

Instead of shackled away from it.

So today,

I will dance with all the excitement I can muster,

Revel in my success for a few joy filled moments,

And give myself permission

Because you showed me how.

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