A Writer’s Curse

I have writer’s block.

Work paralysis.

A creative slowdown.

To be honest I don’t even know what to say right now.

I’m kind of winging it as I go,

A feeling that I’m sure all writers know.

My brain is a fog.

So much to write but nothing fits,

And here they tell you writing is a gift.

Well it is when it works

But I think my gift broke.

Yup, its on the fritz.

Do they even have a repair man for this?

Probably not, just wishful thinking, oh well.

We’ll see what I write next a joke or a prose.

Maybe both, who knows.

My brain has called out sick.

Or perhaps its a power failure.

I don’t know but words won’t work.

Guess its a vacay day.



Well something like that.

Not sure, you tell me

For I have writer’s block you see.

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