A Peaceful Annihilation of Perfection

I espouse the belief that there is peaceful reprieve for those of us the world so deceived.

We are taught to fathom perfection as though it is a quest with a finite destination.

Yet, so simply this is untrue and also quite a toxic worldview, to strive for the impossible and deem it to be reality.

This truly is a source of a man-made insanity.

This is not to say that we should not strive for the elite, rather, that we be realistic in the way that we approach amelioration.

Accountability is our prime responsibility to ourselves while we extol the triumphs that we have coaxed into fruition.

We must also take care to rectify our inadequacies without the cruel, self-imposed, requirements of perfection.

So we stand here, in true reality, jaded from the deception of societal misrepresentations.

Does this not mean that we have a certain degree of culpability for the ongoing intolerance of the foibles of humanity?

To amend this mass shortcoming we must stage a coup d’etat by learning to embrace fully all that humanity is and is not.

We are not perfection, we should never foster the delusion that perfection is attainable for any.

Nor, should we lionize those select few that we are trained to idealize as the mold or schematic of perfection.

We cannot remove this cancerous thought process with brute force, but only by learning to love of course.

So this is a call for the peaceful annihilation of perfection.

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