Dark cloud my only friend.

You’ve been with me until this end.

You hold me tight within your void

And the protective shield you’ve employed.

I willed you away many of times,

And held you responsible for your crimes.

Yet, you return without fail

To guise me in a hazy veil.

Life has become truth-less

As your lies become ruthless.

You are confusing my senses

And raising my defenses.

False alarms and accusations

Are threatening all my relations,

And all those around can see

Your suffocating grip on me.

Reason to me cannot be brought

As you contort my every thought.

I’d love to see you gone for good

And know a peace I never thought I would.

I will regain all my senses

And have you punished for your offenses.

But, truthfully darkness you’ll hold me now

Tight within your depressive shroud.

You’ll convince me you know my worth,

Saying that its in the earth.

We’ll dance and fight hiding every blow

As we saunter to and fro.

Friend and enemy, peace and pain,

Knowing I’ll be free again.

But one thing in which I trust,

And being convinced of is a must,

I’ll be free of you for good

In ways I never thought I would.

Or if I die I’ll still be free

Cause goddammit you’re going down with me.

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