Sometimes you are easy to love.

Sweet and open,

Charming and precious.

You capture my heart and leave this feeling,

Like every moment is electrified and glowing.

Love comes easy, no choice to make,

Simple and forward like the movies fake.

But that’s not love,

Not entirely at least.

There’s more than a passion that will never cease.

Sometimes loving you is hard.

Your heart is broken and scarred.

You freeze in anxiety,

Pull away and get cold,

And to be honest, the isolated distance

Really gets old.

You tend to go silent,

Like an old black and white.

Except, there’s no print to help read you right.

Your heart is a mansion,

Gloriously built,

Decorated in ornaments and golden gilt.

But untended and alone

Its beauty is not shown.

Cobweb covered,

Dark and overgrown,

Few would notice its art.

So yes loving you is easy,

And loving you is hard.

But in the dark love is proven by far.

When it still happens not as easy as before.

When passions dull

And the monotony of life is a bore.

The moments that movies don’t call love

Are all as romantic as the passions before.

Those moments when pain and hurt come about,

I will roar with compassion and strong love without doubt.

I will wipe your tears and cradle you near.

A loss of my love you’ll never have to fear.

Although loving you is hard,

Its every choice I make.

The contentment,

The passion,

Life’s daily bore,

You are worth loving through all that and more.

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