I am among many in this world who have been burdened by the pains of abuse. It is a plague that affects many of us in the world and recovery from its traumas can be a battle. Learning to love and to trust myself is the hardest skill I’ve ever aimed to master. Through every breakdown I find a new piece of me to love and repair and remind myself it’s okay to be broken and to take time to rebuild.

This piece today is about the hidden meaning in every vow and deceivingly compassionate tone I and others encounter. Keep fighting and remember true love is the love you give yourself and nobody has the right to keep you from that love.


With this ring I thee wed.

Swear to hold you tight til you are dead.

I’ll paint you in red petals with my fingertips,

Leave you stained in purple pansies with every step.

I’ll give you a ruby necklace from my grip

And unyielding sentiments from my lips.

Your mind will haze from my blow.

You’ll ache in ways you could not know.

You’ll snap under the pressure of my grasp

As I bring contact between our laps.

I’ll fill you up with all of me.

You’ll have no choice but to scream.

You’ll feel so numb from my love

You’ll doubt its truly from above,

And as you move I’ll pull you in

Squeezing out all your wind.

I’ll spin you in a loving web,

Wrap you up in silken thread.

You’ll never know you’re left for dead,

So with this ring I thee wed.

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