I am no princess.

No jewels adorn my headdress.

I do not have a model’s physique,

Nor do I posses what most men seek.

I am not petite.

My hair is not long and sleek.

I am not ideal,

That much I know,

But there’s so much to me that doesn’t show.

My heart is giving,

Pure and kind.

I have a wonderful strength of mind.

I love to laugh.

Adventures are my thing.

I love to relax,

And spend time pondering what ifs and what mays,

All as lovelorn moments fill my days.

I know you don’t see me.

Or, if you do,

Its only as a friend to you.

That’s okay I suppose.

Except near you my heart glows.

So sometimes its hard for me to see

When the girls you like are never like me.

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