Tick Tick Tick

Goes the tapping of the stick

Inside my brain.

Or maybe its rain,

Clock hands,

Time passing,

Rattling cans.

Sorry. What were you asking?

I’m a jumble,

Merry go round,

Unsolved puzzle.

That reminds me, I have to go to town.


I’m drawing a blank,

Dammit not again.

Wait, I’m supposed to be there when?

Shit I’m late!

Well, that’s friggin’ great.

I think I ate…

Did I?

Nice to see you too, bye.


What was I trying to remember?

Oh right! …something about eight…

Eight… eight… eight…

SHIT! I have a date.

Its nine. He hasn’t called.

Oh yeah, its for tomorrow after all.

Tick Tick Tick,

And again there’s that damn stick.

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