Mother Earth

My skin is scarred with greed.

Your selfish intents are ruining me.

You leave my children in need

As you destroy all you see.

You pluck and burn my growth

Surrounding me in garbage and flames.

You treat me with disregard and cruelty both,

And expect me to be a symbol of beauty.

I’m unsure of what I have done

To earn your painful blows.

You have the warming sun,

And I’ve given you all that grows.

My precious pets that tend my gardens

Burn alive as you all watch.

Yet, when your man-made castles meet their end

You rally to repair, claiming its such a loss.

I give you glowing love and life

Yet evil is what you choose.

So struggle in your handmade strife

And wish for what you lose.

Soon you’ll see my wrath

Cleansing all my skin,

Like a healing bath

That I’m sat within.

I hope we can reconcile

Before it gets too late.

But for now, in the meanwhile,

Can we please end the abuse and hate?

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