Alone Amongst Friends

Do you hear me when I say hello?

Can you hear me cry alone?

I’m surrounded by should be friends,

Who can’t see me in this box I’m in.

I yell and scream but you don’t hear me.

You just laugh, dance, and sing,

All as you encircle me.

Everywhere I look are friendly faces

Having fun and going places.

You all at once were by my side,

Promising that’s where you’ll always reside.

Yet, here I am swimming in tears,

Fueled by all my realized fears.

I’m not sure what I did wrong.

I tried to avoid this all along.

I’m sorry if I cling or annoy

I live in fear of a loss of joy.

I’m sorry if its all my doing.

Was it my constant chatter or loud chewing?

Did I laugh too loud or agree too much?

Was I a drag when you were carrying on and such?

Am I just that little in the realm of interests

That you could forget me after a few hours on Pinterest?

I’m in a box made of one way glass.

You see yourself when you see me.

My heart is slowly turning to ash,

Because it has no company.

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