Goodbye Heart

Goodbye heart, you were so cruel.

Leaving me no choice,

But to feel burdened by my voice.

Tearing open my chest cavity.

Every pain became the death of me.

Goodbye heart, I don’t want you.

You betrayed my logic and left me vulnerable,

When all I wanted was to be wanted by someone venerable.

Compassion was your downfall

And it was the cruelest pain of all.

Goodbye heart, and good riddance.

If I knew you’d betray me so immensely

I would have gouged you out early.

I have learned a lesson I wish I never had to experience.

You treated my soul like humanity’s experiment.

Goodbye heart, its been real.

And boy, has it been painfully real.

I hope I never get over the numbness I feel.

Without a doubt I say, I hate you with every fiber of my being

And I could not be happier that you are leaving.

So goodbye heart, the worst part of me.

I’m so ready to be rid of this wretched thing.

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