Dark Erotica

Red rings wrap around my wrists

From the dig of ropes as I writhe and twist.

Lashes landing hard against my rear

Causing my winced eyes to tear.

Long, hot, dragging scratches

Of your blade burned by matches

And fiery wax melted against my skin

All keeping me focused on this body I’m in.

With your dominating touch,

The one I crave so much,

Deprive me now of sight and sound

All as you leave me tied down.

Only for you, I beg and plead

As you make me moan with need.

Fill my holes with painful lust.

Hang tightened weights from my bust.

Bite my flesh sensitive and raw.

My desire for you– my fatal flaw.

Step away. Leave me on edge,

As I wait for you to return and begin again.

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