Earthbound Angel

Earthbound angel,

With your wings marred and mangled,

How do your weary steps tread?

Hunched over, head down,

Wearing an undefeated frown,

Your sights focused in on red.

Heavenly warrior walking,

Your stern visage is shocking.

Tell me what pushes you on.

All you have done,

Yet, you still have not won.

How is your hope not gone.

You call me a warrior

Yet, you question my fervor.

Can’t you see this is my purpose?

To walk when weary,

Fight with indignant fury,

Forever at this world’s service.

Passionately protecting this palace.

Removing traces of fallacy.

My struggles I do not regret.

In this tragedy I’m rewriting

I am not all who is fighting.

On I tread ’cause victory is what fortitude begets.

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