This is the profile picture I have on all my social media pages.

Merry Christmas!

It’s been so great writing for all of you and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I look forward to growing this project over the coming year.

On that note I have a few announcements of what’s to come.

Firstly, The Poet Sky podcast has been launched! You can expect a new upload every Saturday.

This podcast is not only for me, its also about you guys. Please let me know what kind of segments you want to hear.

Secondly, as passionate as I am about writing, I am equally excited to make this blog more of a community.

My aim is to be more interactive with those of you who support me and make what I do possible.

This also means I encourage you all to check out The Poet Sky on social media so you don’t miss some exclusive posts. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you have any suggestions or requests, I want to hear from all of you lovelies.

Next up, get pumped!!

In the near future I will be launching a youtube channel.

I don’t wanna spoil the surprise too much but I can promise you more than just poetry😉.

Keep checking back for realease announcements.

Last but not least, starting January 4, 2020, The Poet Sky will be featuring people once a week.

Over the next few days you may see several changes to the blog site and social media. These will all be in preparation of the upcoming growth and content.

So don’t forget to check back regularly. Thanks again for being awesome!

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