Fairy Tales

The wolf ate granny–

And the three little pigs.

Some blonde crackhead

Broke into the Bear’s digs.

The hunter that killed a deer

Has no clue who bambi is–

And Alice and Dorothy

Were asylum friends.

Multiple women have been

Assaulted in a coma.

Just to name a couple

Snow White and Aurora.

Mulan was a woman,

Then she was a man.

Then at some point

She was a woman again.

Though CPS

Saved little Cinderella,

Elsa and Anna

Were orphaned forever.

Jasmine loved a bad boy

Who learned to change his ways,

While all for some man

Ariel gave her voice away.

Robin was a hood dude

Fighting a just cause,

Going against a system

That was majorly flawed.

Belle, a shy beauty,

Who loved the written arts,

Somehow managed

to tame the beast’s heart.

Tarzan was a bachelor

Raised by wild things

But still found love

Swinging amongst the trees.

Merida fought hard

For her right to say no.

Winning her own hand

To not be forcibly betrothed.

Tiana had focus

And work ethic galore.

Yet still, even she learned

Life offers so much more.

They say life’s not a fairy tale.

I don’t believe this,

‘Cause if you really think,

In some ways– it is.

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