You fucked up my life. Riddled it with strife, Struggle and drama, Disrespect and masochistic dogma. Hundreds of questions run through my mind. Like, why did you seem to hate me all the time? You were a cruel wardon, Simply sadistic and saturnine. Though I stand scarred by you At least I'm still standing. Yet... Continue Reading →


Puppet on a string What is it like to be you? No freedom to choose, Predetermined moves. Is it hard to desire Yet never feel the warmth of fire, Or is it peace To know you can't burn mistakenly? You cannot choose wrong For you cannot choose at all. Do you loathe your restraints, Or... Continue Reading →


I hold in my hand This little white pill. This 25mg of benadryl. Counting out more Because I have to be sure. 22. 23. 24. Glancing out my second story window Wondering how many to absolutely know. Research says five more floors to reach heaven. 7 Rotating chamber set to fill. Six openings surely overkill.... Continue Reading →


If I die tonightHow long would it takeFor my absence to be realized Or my grave to be made? Would rot set in?Would I decay in my bedWith maggots in my flesh?These are the thoughts in my head.

Good Night

Your gaze, blue satin cuffs Tying me in desire. Fingers dance on buttonholes Setting icy flesh on fire. Dancing digits Teaching braille of bodies. The blind enchanted by the lesson. Primal songs, In harmony with the flutist's tongue. A stallion rides through mountain valleys, All to be met by sunrise.

Dark Erotica

Red rings wrap around my wrists From the dig of ropes as I writhe and twist. Lashes landing hard against my rear Causing my winced eyes to tear. Long, hot, dragging scratches Of your blade burned by matches And fiery wax melted against my skin All keeping me focused on this body I'm in. With... Continue Reading →


Storybook pages folded into paper buildings. Tiny boxes with photo people, smiles pasted. Words of truth hidden in origami creasings. Reality of falsities and time wasted. Night sky peppered with crystal stars, Laying in green fields with a plastic feel. Living in this art show with dreams of afar-- At least the moon seems real.


I find it so curious The way you present as stoic. I often wonder if you realize you do it. You are nonchalant, Bordering on detached. Yet. When I look in your eyes There is a multifaceted gem. Reflecting a full spectrum of emotion Behind your facade of aloofness. I see you.

Dark Decisions

She sits silently staring, Small box in her open hands, Contemplating in solitude the container's contents. An arrangement of grim options lay before her, Like an assortment of sweets for a saddened soul. One by one she imagines their outcome, The sweet release of an option taken. Baby rattle sounds of the bottle in hand,... Continue Reading →

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