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Magic and Medicine

My heart is patched With rose petal grafts Stitched end to end With silkworm thread I sit with the universe For recovery and tea So magic and medicine Can fix what you broke in me

And I Wept

i did not leave my bed nor did i eat or drink my lips uttered only silence my only company the sun and as it rose and set i pondered the end and i wept

Shrouded Friend

My childhood friend Wore a black cloak Swung a large knife And rarely spoke He visited me often Though I was young at the time He would beckon to join him And I would decline Now in my maturity We speak for longer And the temptation to follow Has gotten much stronger


Your words penetrate my being.Throbbing and pulsing, As the rigid flowExpels from your soul. I felt what you saidBut heard not a word.


Coveted-- Cross-cultural. Medicinal to societal toxins, Curing cold hearts With indignant durability. All wrapped up In deeply exotic beauty. Priceless. Value beyond measure. Take care to preserve yourself-- World's greed Will make you extinct.

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