Coveted-- Cross-cultural. Medicinal to societal toxins, Curing cold hearts With indignant durability. All wrapped up In deeply exotic beauty. Priceless. Value beyond measure. Take care to preserve yourself-- World's greed Will make you extinct.

Sad Epiphany

Presume your eyes saw The beauty of the day. From sunrise, Flower blooms, To sunset And moonrise Refracting light On water’s surface. Ponder all your eyes saw— Then at quietus realizing you had not looked.


Having read the dictionary Cover to cover— Having done this A dozen times over. Pouring over its pages— Unable to find what I seek, A sad fact faced, words fall short. None mean you— not to me.


Cages are oft’ despised, Mistaken as imprisonment. Rusted bars and shackles and locks— Hiding away, not usually sought To all who find this enclosure And deem it a cruel housing source Welcome to my home of choice Where I never have to use my voice.

Seas of the Inner Mind

Salty and starving in my crumbling coffin, Holding to fears I think of often Am I worthy or am I worthless? I can never decide— I digress. I have left my steps etched in snow. As easily as they come, they also go. I feel my existence is often the same, Fading away in blizzarding... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales

The wolf ate granny-- And the three little pigs. Some blonde crackhead Broke into the Bear's digs. The hunter that killed a deer Has no clue who bambi is-- And Alice and Dorothy Were asylum friends. Multiple women have been Assaulted in a coma. Just to name a couple Snow White and Aurora. Mulan was... Continue Reading →


You with the swiss cheese stomach perforated by demons. Your gut a prison to villians Sentenced by the heroes of your mind For their crimes against your heart. You who stands amongst and audience of tables Gazing at the pimply face of a disinterested teen who groans, "What do you want?" You who stands in... Continue Reading →

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